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Hi. My name is Allan Fryman. Thanks for visiting my site. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1969. My dream from childhood was to be an artist. Even as a child I knew my hands shook a little more then anybody I knew. By the time I finished college my tremors worsened. I could no longer fool myself into believing I could beat my condition and earn a living in the art field.

With changes in technology, I am now able to create pleasing art worthy of hanging on anybody's walls 

Essential tremor (ET, also referred to as benign tremor or familial tremor or shaky hand syndrome) is the most common movement disorder; its cause is unknown. It typically involves a tremor of the arms, hands or fingers but sometimes involving the head or other body parts during voluntary movements such as eating, writing and drawing/painting. It is distinct from Parkinson's disease—and often misdiagnosed as such—although some individuals have both conditions. Essential tremor is commonly described as an action tremor (it intensifies when one tries to use the affected muscles) rather than a resting tremor; rigidity, such as is seen in Parkinson’s, is usually not included among its symptoms.

On the days my tremor is a little more manageable; I immerse myself in my art. Drawing on my tablet allows me to do things I couldn't create on paper or canvas. it’s escape from the crazy world around us, and an opportunity to share my creations.

My images are conceived and created entirely on a computer and exist only as digital files until they're printed. These are generally referred to as original digital works of art or giclée's. All images are limited editions That is to say, when the whole edition is sold, the image will no longer be available.

A percentage of sales will be donated to The International Essential Tremor Foundation.



I hope you derive pleasure from my work. 

Thank you

Allan Fryman AOCA